06 September 2008

Activities 2nd half 2008 / begin 2009

September 14-20 Body/Landscape Inis Oirr Aran Islands Ireland
info and flyer: seamusd62@eircom.net

October 13 -17
Body Weather Workshop Amsterdam
5 -day intensive.

October 25-26
Body Weather Workshop Paris
2-day workshop exploring Touch and Manipulation with Christine Quoiraud and Frank van de Ven. Info and flyer: frank.bwa@xs4all.nl

November December ‘08 January February‘09
Something Here That Is Not There ongoing training / performance project. Training in Amsterdam, for invited participants. Performances, in homes for the elderly, day shelters for drug addicts and homeless, private and semi public spaces in Utrecht. Dir by Katerina Bakatsaki

17 January 2008

Activities 1st half 2008

February 11-17 Something Here that is not There residency Artoll Labor Bedburg-Hau Germany http://www.artoll.de/

February 25-29 Body Weather with Katerina Bakatsaki
a FRAME-workshop for dancers and makers organized by Giulia Mureddu
DANSLAB Den Haag / www.danslab.nl

February – March Something Here that is not There Performances in various old age homes and shelters for homeless in Amsterdam. Dir by Katerina Bakatsaki.

March – April Body Weather at SNDO Amsterdam
8 weeks daily training at School for New Dance Development

March 17-21 Body Weather Workshop Amsterdam
5 -day intensive. 

March 31- April 4 Body Weather Workshop Antwerp
Studio ‘t Werkhuys http://www.werkhuys.be
Info and flyer: domimime@hotmail.com

April 18-20 Body Weather Workshop Reykjavik Iceland
Info and flyer: : frank.bwa@xs4all.nl

June 20-26 Body/Landscape Landmannalaugur Iceland
Hiking thru the pearl of Iceland’s interior. Early inscription necessary.
Info and flyer: frank.bwa@xs4all.nl or
Solla Bergsteinsdottir info@solla.org

July 11-17 Body/Landscape Itxassou Pays Basque
Workshop embedded within the Errobiko Festival combining work in the studio with hikes through the Pyrenees
Info and flyer: frank.bwa@xs4all.nl

July 21 – Aug 30 Opera Magic Flute, Revival. Salzburg Festival 2008
Katerina Bakatsaki in charge of choreography, originally by Min Tanaka. Director Pierre Audi Conductor Ricardo Muti

August 18-23 Kuks Spa & Elbe River Valley Czech Republic
Body – Site - Exploration Interdisciplinary workshop with Milos Sejn (Academy of Fine Arts Prague) and Frank van de Ven
Info and flyer: bohemiaerosa@tiscali.cz or frank.bwa@xs4all.nl
work will evolve around the famous baroque sculptures of Matthias Bernard Braun (1684 -1738)

August 22-23 Kuks Theatrum festival
Performances with Gunther Heinz (trombone and electronics) and Milos Sejn

September 6-7
Body Weather Workshop London
Venue to be announced. On Movement and Language.
Info & flyer: Moni Hunt monihunt@uktheatre.net tel: +44-7837819789