17 May 2007

Body/Landscape 12-19 July 2007

Basque Country France

Intensive 8-day dance workshop with Frank van de Ven in the South of France. Headquarters will be in the village of Macaye, situated at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains on the French side of Basque Country. A stunning landscape rich with wild life and a strong local tradition. The river Nive/Errobi flows 20 km towards the ocean. The workshop is embedded within the annual Itxassou Festival of Music and Art.
Body/Landscape: The workshop proposes strategies to confront our bodies with the multiplicity, unpredictability, directness and autonomy of the natural environment. The aim is to explore and develop consciousness of the body itself being an ever evolving landscape within a greater surrounding landscape.

registration and information
: + 31 (0)20 68 42 568 / frank.bwa@xs4all.nl