20 March 2011

Spring - Summer 2011

March 7-13 Body/Landscape Kooyoora State Park Victoria Australia
Info and flyer: peterlfraser@gmail.com

April 15 Rencontre / Projection "Memoires de danse" Christine Quoiraud and Katerina Bakatsaki
April 16-17 Body Weather Workshop Angouleme France
with Katerina Bakatsaki.
Info and flyer: Christine Quoiraud chques@hotmail.com

April 18-22 Body Weather Workshop Bilbao Spain
at Muelle 3. From touch and manipulation to performance and dance
Info and flyer: Olatz De Andrés  olatz76@hotmail.com

May 6 performance Atem der Nacht Club APEX Göttingen
with Günther Heinz a.o. Info: wetware@web.de

June 6-12 Body/Landscape Lake District U.K.
info and flyer: Neil Callaghan neilca@hotmail.com

June 15 Dance and Music Overtoom 301 Amsterdam
Stuart Lynch – Daniel Schorno – Frank van de Ven
info and flyer: frank.bwa@xs4all.nl

June 18 performance Atem der Nacht Kunstverein Marburg Germany
with Günther Heinz a.o. info: wetware@web.de

15-21 July Body/Landscape Itxassou Pays Basque
Workshop embedded within the Errobiko Festival combining work in the studio with hikes through the Pyrenees.
Info and flyer: frank.bwa@xs4all.nl

August 24-30 Body/Landscape Workshop Ardennes Belgium
Info and flyer: ozan.aksoyek@gmail.com tel: +32- (0) 495 695 806