05 February 2016

Spring to Summer 2016

March 7-12 Body Weather Amsterdam
Research workshop for people with experience in BW. Applications welcome
Info and flyer: frank.bwa@xs4all.nl Tel: +31-(0)20-6842568

March 19-20 Body Weather Workshop Mallorca Spain
Info and flyer: Tomeu Gomila info@auments.com 
Tel: +34-653621009

March 22-24 Body Weather Workshop Barcelona Spain
La Piconera Info and flyer: comercial@solpico.com

April 9-10 Body Weather Workshop Prague Czech Republic
At Archa Theatre Info and flyer: jana.svobodova@archatheatre.cz

April 11-15 Body Weather Workshop DAMU Academy of Performing Arts Prague
Czech Republic

May 14-15 Body Weather Workshop On Improvisation Paris Studio Keller
info and flyer: contact@studiokeller.com

May 17-23 Body/Landscape Cornwall UK
info and flyer: neilacallaghan@googlemail.com  
tel:+44(0)7739 459 153  applications before 15 March

July 15-21 Body/Landscape Itxassou Pays Basque
Workshop embedded within the Errobiko Festival combining work in the studio with hikes through the Pyrenees.
Info and flyer: frank.bwa@xs4all.nl

August 29 - September 2 Body Weather Workshop Auvergne France
Body Meets Imagination 5 -day intensive workshop
Info and flyer: pied.mu@gmail.com Tel: + 33 (0)9 52 29 57 66

September 5-10 Bohemiae Rosa Rychleby Mountains North Moravia Czech Republic 
Body - Site - Exploration Interdisciplinary workshop with Milos Sejn (Academy of Fine Arts Prague) and Frank van de Ven
Info and flyer: ms@sejn.cz or  frank.bwa@xs4all.nl

September 13-18 Body/Landscape Inish Oirr Aran Islands Ireland
Info and flyer: Seamus Dunbar seamus.dunbar@gmail.com